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Winter Curb Appeal

Selling a home during the spring, summer or early fall months when your yard has the potential to be greener than the Irish countryside and every plant or flower in sight is in full bloom is obviously the ideal curb appeal.  However, timing and weather conditions may not always be your friend or you may not be in a position to wait until the next ideal time to sell. Below are a few winter curb appeal tips to consider if you must sell your home during the winter months.

Add splashes of color (greens and purples) with plants and planters that will liven up your exterior landscape. Check in with your local gardening store or in the Austin area check with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center to determine which plants and grasses will survive the winter and will still remain green. Take the color beyond your yard, even include it on the front door with a large wreath with a colorful bow.

Lighten the exterior.  Due to the shorter daylight hours, it is possible a majority of your traffic could show up during or after sunset. Install clear flood lighting with the highest wattage you can find to highlight features of the home but just be sure to clean the faces of the bulbs regularly to ensure you do not have a reverse effect. Take multiple photos of the exterior both in the daylight and in the evening with all the interior lights on.

Show off the best assets.  Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can show off how you utilize your home especially the outdoor areas in the non-winter months. Leave your grill uncovered, leave patio furniture on display exactly how you would utilize it in the spring and summer. Just be sure to periodically remove any fallen leaves from table and chair tops to allow guests to linger longer in your backyard oasis.

Offer a glimpse.  Show off your domain during the other months and seasons of the year.  If you know selling your home is on the horizon, have professional or semi-professional shots taken of the exterior at each of the previous four seasons to give the potential buyer an opportunity to see what it would be like to enjoy your outdoor areas during the other seasons. If you have a flower or a vegetable garden that is not currently in full bloom, either provide photos while it is in full bloom or at the least provide a list of what is planted where. Remember perennials can be quite expensive so utilize them as a selling feature to lure buyers from other homes in the area they may be also considering.