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TREC Continuing Education Deferral Fees

Effective January 1, 2015, TREC implemented new Continuing Education renewal fees.
Because we know most REALTORS® wait until the last minute to renew their real estate license, we wanted to help you avoid any unnecessary last minute chaos when it came to reviewing your license with the Texas Real Estate Commission. Continuing Education (or CE) Providers now have 10 days from the date you finalized your class to log your information into TREC’s website.  As a sales person renewing their license at the end of the same month that your license expires and the CE provider has not inputted your information to TREC’s website, you may be in jeopardy!
With the new TREC rule that became effective January 1, 2015, your MCE renewal MUST be processed in the following manner: 
  • You must complete your MCE required coursework and it must be posted to the TREC website first.
  • Then you must submit your renewal application and fee.
  • If you process your renewal application and fee before your coursework is posted, TREC is going to charge you an additional $200 to renew your license. This new $200 fee is called a Deferral fee.
The Deferral fee of $200 allows you to continue to be active in real estate activities, and allows an additional 60 days from the expiration date of the license to complete CE requirements. Failure to complete the required CE within 60 days of the previous expiration date of the license will result in the license being placed on INACTIVE status.
Here are our tips for real estate agents to avoid having to pay a $200 Deferral fee.
  • Make sure your license is correct when signing an CE roster.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to renew your license.  We recommend finalizing all your CE hours the month prior to your license renewal.
  • Be proactive as an agent by checking the TREC website to see if a class you have taken recently has been posted with in the 10 day time frame.