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Tips for Viewing Homes in a Digital World

Touring properties for sale can be fun. You get to imagine yourself living in a completely different space, seeing how others decorate and learn how others have updated their homes or remodeled. But it is relatively easy to make a misstep when you are visiting these properties whether it be by yourself or with a group of friends, family or even clients. The last thing we’d want to have happen any one of these missteps is to anger the seller or better yet hinder your negotiating power.


Don’t bring an entourage. Relatives and friends may love tagging along but they can also be a distraction shifting your focus away from YOUR interest or concerns. Plus, the things they say and/or do could hinder your negotiating position. When touring a property, it is essential to make sure you have all decision makers present.

Don’t take photos or video without asking for permission first. Remember you are in someone else’s property so unless the owner has granted permission you may be violating state laws.  Even if you are allowed to take photos, refrain from sharing them on social media. It is just another way to hurt the negotiating power by invading the owner’s privacy.

Don’t help yourself to the bathroom. It is perfectly fine to flush the toilets and turn on the faucets to test the water. It is also okay to open cabinets, drawers and closet doors.  It is best to schedule a pit stop before or after touring the property rather than using a homeowners bathroom.


Do assume the owner is watching and listening. Surveillance cameras are increasingly common today even when the property isn not being listed for sale. But there are times when an owner installs cameras throughout the home to safeguard their property and gauge a buyers interest for negotiation purposes. We recommend to have conversations about the house outside of the home and our best recommendation is to have conversations in a vehicle free from the front yard or driveway or have a conversation while driving to the next home on your tour.  We recommend this as some surveillance cameras can hear conversations as far as to the curb.

Do use your imagination. Every homeowner has different tastes. If a home does not reflect your personal style focus on those easy and potentially inexpensive changes you could make. Think fixtures, window treatments and paint. Several paint companies offer augmented reality (AR) apps to view walls in different colors via you phone.  Similarly some retailers provide AR Apps for viewing furniture in a room.