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If Tacos, Bats & Brisket Be The Food Of Weirdness, Austin Plays On!

You’ve, doubtless, heard the expression “Keep Austin Weird.” 

Some might think that sounds a bit … strange. But Austinites say, “HECK YEAH!” to that. Ours is a city filled with character, oddities, flat-out awesomeness, and, yes, weirdness. And we wouldn’t change a thing.

For those of you who are freezing your rocks off up north, come visit! We’ve seen pictures of your so-called “snowpocalypse” and, well … you can keep it. Y’all know that never happens here, right? If the temperature goes below 60, we think that’s pretty “wintry.”

How many cities do you know that have a statue and a street named for Willie Nelson & his musically delicious, pig-tailed, bucking-the-system goodness? There’s just one, and we’re it.

Austin is the only city in the country to have made a culture out of tacos. Breakfast tacos, to be precise. We’re partial to Torchy’s over here, but you might be more of a Tacodeli sort. But that’s what’s so great! Eat all you want! We’ll make more. Tacos for everybody!

Festivals! We’ve got ‘em. And they’re the best you’ll find anywhere. South By Southwest? It’s only the biggest tech fair (it’s often referred to as Mardi Gras for geeks) in the world. And Austin invented it. Austin City Limits? Yeah. That’s ours.

Two words: HOOK ‘EM!

Here in Austin, we don’t just go to the movies. We go to the movies at the Alamo Drafthouse, where you don’t just get great, classic movies, you also get incredible food and the best beer in all the land. This ain’t no metroplex, folks.

We’ve got BATS! That’s right, BATS. That might sound strange (see “Keep Austin Weird,” above), but Austin’s bats are beautiful. Spectacular, even. Each evening during the summer, a million and a half bats emerge from their roost beneath the Congress Bridge in a cloud of magic. And then they proceed to eat nearly 20,000 pounds of insects. Every night. Who needs bug spray? Not us.

Did we mention tacos? Right. But they’re so good, we’re giving them a second slot. Besides … we’re hungry.

Speaking of hungry, did someone say barbecue? Even if you didn’t, we ARE. And Austin has the best (naturally). The Salt Lick is so darned good that it’s got people from sea to shining sea drooling at the mere mention of its name. And the brisket from Franklin BBQ? It’s worth every nanosecond of the hour (or more) you’re likely to spend in line to get it.

Sold yet?

How about this? In 2014, Austin had its fourth straight year of home sales increases—there were nearly 2300 single family homes sold here in December alone! And just this month, Forbes named Austin as the #1 best buy city in America and the best place in the country to invest your real estate dollars.

We love our Austin. It’s weird. It’s warm. It’s beautiful. It’s awesome. Come on down and pay us a visit; we’d love to show you around. Heck … we might even buy you a taco.