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Keep Your Sanity and Have Fun This Summer in Texas

Ahh, summer.

There’s nothing like it. Swimming! Sandcastles! Surf!

It’s gonna be great, right? ::giant record scratch::

Suddenly, you remember that there’s no more school. It’s out ’til August! The kids are going to be home. They’re going to be home ALL SUMMER. They’re going to be home … right there. With you. All the time … little dears.

What’s a parent to do in order to stay sane? I mean, we love our kids. Absolutely. But keeping them entertained, making sure you’re able to get at least a few things done during the day, and freeing yourself from the constant drumbeat of “I’m borrrreddddddd!” Well, those things are easier said than done.

Never fear! Urban Provision is here!

We’ve got a veritable cavalcade of summer activities from camps to swimming to amusement parks and a whole lot more. So let’s have at it! Summer’s nearly here, you know; we can’t afford to be lallygagging around.

State Parks & Camping
Did you know that Texas has more than 150 state parks? It’s true. Being the biggest state in the Union does have its advantages. But we digress. Those 150+ state parks are brimming with possibilities for adventure (whether you have kids or not). Try your hand at camping in a teepee, do a little beach camping on South Padre Island, or maybe just do a little stargazing. The sky’s the limit in Texas this summer!

Amusement Parks & Waterparks
I don’t know about y’all, but I am all ABOUT thrill rides and waterslides and any sort of fun that involves hurtling at breakneck speed down a steep incline. Just me? I’m betting not. But if thrills are what you’re into, Texas has got plenty of them!

Swimming & Other Water Fun!
Let’s face it. Texas gets H-O-T: HOT in the summer. Instead of just deciding to sit still and puddle, why not find a cool pool or swimming hole to beat the heat? Texas has more ways to enjoy the water than you can shake a stick at. From tubing and rafting to pools, to good ol’ fashioned swimming holes and beaches, Texas has the splash that’s just right for you.

Tubing or Rafting


If pools aren’t your speed, how about a nice beach? The kiddies can dive through the waves while you wiggle your toes in the sand (or play in the water right along with them!) Grab your pail and shovel, find a great Texas beach and y’all get to building the sandcastle of your dreams!

  • Galveston
  • Port Aransas
  • Corpus Christi
  • South Padre

Summer Camps
Sometimes, spending each and every day with the young uns’ just isn’t possible (even when we really, really want to). Lots of us have jobs at which our bosses expect us each day, lost of us have commitments that simply won’t take a backseat to the spoils of summer. When that happens, summer camp might just be the answer. The kiddos will be running from one adventure to the next and will be happier’n a bunch of woodpeckers in a lumber yard.

Austin Summer Camp Ideas

Summer is great. It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures and one of its greatest gifts. But there are times when filling all the time can seem, well, harder than it needs to be. Here’s to a successful Summer 2022.

When you’ve made it to the other side, we think you’ll have earned a little break yourself. Maybe at one of Texas’ spas or retreats? I have a hunch Urban Provision will have all the info you need to find your own bit of sanity (whether it’s summertime or not!)