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Square Cow Movers

Square Cow Moovers specializes in moving your most cherished possessions with the utmost care. From big game mounts to aquariums and from fine art to the homes of hoarders, Square Cow has done it all. A family business based on trust is exactly who you need to handle your next move. As a full service moving company, Square Cow can handle as much or as little of your move as your budget allows with just one phone call.

Moving Services Offered

  • Full Service Move – This is the service and type of move one dreams of. Square Cow’s staff of full time, background checked employees come into your home and pack up each room. You don’t have to lift a finger. Extra care is taken to preserve the condition of the property you are moving from and moving into, as well. Door frame protectors are utilized in each room along with floor protectors. Your items are professionally packaged and boxed then carefully transported via Square Cow moving trucks to your new location where they are then unboxed and put up in their proper places. This service is perfect for newlyweds while on a honeymoon trip, families with young children, and clients with time restraints or physical limitations.
  • You Pack, They Move – Let’s be honest your friends don’t really want to be your personal movers on the weekend and you don’t want to owe a “moving favor” to a friend. This is the traditional move service, you pack and prepare the boxes for transport and Square Cow loads, moves and unloads boxes into your desired rooms for unpacking by you or by them (depending on type of move requested).

Moving Supplies

What’s a moving company without packing supplies? Heavy duty packing boxes are sold along with packing tape, large rolls of bubble wrap and packing paper. For orders of $50 or more, Square Cow will even deliver the moving supplies to your location (mileage restrictions may apply). If you are uncertain as to how many boxes or the type of supplies needed, Square Cow can assist. They offer to leave boxes and supplies there at your location to be used as needed. Once move is complete a reverse count of supplies is done and clients are only charged for the items that were used. No returns, no hassles after your move. Now that’s service!

Square Cow accepts credit card payments, personal checks and of course cash. Move distances for Square Cow can range from one floor to another floor in the same building to cross country moves. They have handled it all – let’s be honest moving is a daunting task tied to major life events and stress. Whether you’re a family of 10 or a household of 1, they are the right moving company for your most cherished possessions and they can handle as little or as much of your move as your budget allows. With one phone call you can arrange for an estimate of your home, schedule a move date, order packing supplies and arrange delivery of packing supplies. Visit the Square Cow Moovers website to start the moving process!