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Online Notary Service

Did you know you now can stay home in your pajamas and have a document notarized?

Effective July 1, 2018 because of a Texas law which was passed in 2017 known as HB 1217 it is now possible to have your documents notarized online.  Virtual Notarizations in Texas went into effect July 1, 2018 and relies on audio and video conferencing which is required to meet the requirements for online notarizations.  This advancement provides a virtual option for those of us who live busy lives to have documents notarized virtually regardless where you happen to be in the world.

This effort by the State of Texas is a win-win for the real estate and mortgage industry as well.  It provides an option for virtual mortgage closings and Texas even has had one online mortgage closing with a virtual notary since the passage of this new law.  But for now or until your mortgage lender allows virtual closings via a virtual notary, when your kid brings home a permission slip or you have a trusty legal document that must be notarized and you cannot find a notary – consider the new online option as a resource. has the process streamlined the process of allowing documents to be notarized within a span of 15 minutes having tackled this two other states (Virginia and Montana) prior to Texas allowing our state to come into the 21st century.  Their services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Download their app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  Oh and for those curious minds, you will not be charged for your notarization until the process is complete.

Urban Provision, REALTORS® doesn’t gain anything from promoting the service, we are purely super excited about technology that exists to make our clients lives more efficient.