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Millennials Invade The Woodlands

Millennials… is a word you hear every time you turn on the TV, radio or open up a newspaper.  So who are millennials anyway?

They are folks who were born between 1981 and 1997 and as of today range in age from 19 and 35 years old.  For the past several years, there has been tons of chatter about millennials sitting on the sidelines and not embarking on home buying scene.  There has been a laundry list of reasons and tons of speculation on why millennials are waiting to purchase their first home.  Many of the reasons have been centered around the doom and gloom of the economy, lack of job offerings netting sufficient income to qualify for a traditional mortgage and a basic lack of urgency to flee moms and pops nest.

Regardless of the reasons, we are finding more and more millennials are getting their feet wet and are starting their home buying process.  They are coming to the table prepared with adequate funds to meet the minimum down payment and closing cost requirements, aware and educated about where they want to live to ensure they maintain their desired lifestyle for many years to come, desire to work with a competent real estate professional who has a basic understanding of technology and quite frankly, we find millennials really fun to work with.

Texas has been a state that has lured millennials for nearly a decade due to its relatively low home prices, expansive job growth and probably the biggest reason Texas is truly the best state to live in the United States.  While many millennials have had their eyeballs set on major Texas cities such as Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio now we are discovering millennials are choosing to plant roots in the outlining suburbs of those various mega cities that offer affordable housing and a unique lifestyle.  That is why The Woodlands has been such a big draw for millennials.  In addition to an endless supply of quality restaurants, nightlife and entertainment, The Woodlands also delivers many outdoor activities such as miles upon miles of bike and running trails, golf courses galore, lakes, rivers, green spaces and easy access to those other big Texas cities.  It doesn’t hurt that The Woodlands has recently had explosive job growth in the oil and gas, research and development and medical sectors over the last decade.  With the expansion of Town Center, Market Street, Hughes Landing and Riva Row, now these millennial buyers can live, work and play all in the same locale.  We call that a definite score!

The Community Impact magazine recently delivered a story titled, More Millennials are Calling The Woodlands Home.  If you are a millennial and are looking to call The Woodlands home, we at Urban Provision REALTORS® speak your tech savvy lingo and are ready to show you all The Woodlands has to offer.  Click here to get started with your Home Search in The Woodlands.