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Made In Texas, Y’all: How The Lone Star State Crafts Love (and So Much More)

TEXAS. The very word conjures a slew of adjectives and feelings bigger than the state itself.

TEXAS. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s filled with greatness. It’s a land of big upstarts, big swagger, big hair, big buildings, and big everything. It’s a land of warm breezes that bathe your soul in kisses of sweetness. It’s the smell of mesquite and a sea of bluebonnets that sway in the sunlight like so many sapphire-hued bursts of life. It’s a land of many things, but most of all it’s a land of love.

TEXAS: It’s a part of our souls. And once you get to know it a little, it’ll become part of yours, too.

There are LOTS of things made in Texas. When Urban Provision asked a bunch of Texas-loving rabble rousers what their favorite made-in-Texas things were, we expected answers like boots (be they from Allen’s, Justin, or Lucchese), and brisket (you only need to look at the line outside Franklin BBQ to know that), but some of the answers surprised us. More than that, some of them drew a tear to our eye and warmed the cockles of our Texas-loving hearts.

FOOD. Based on what folks said to us, y’all like to eat and drink. Like, for REAL. Texas is a great place to do it.

Texas Toast. You ain’t never had a sammich or French toast til it’s been made with Texas toast. Thick, eggy, and awesome, it makes everything it touches better.

Tacos. Breakfast, Al Pastor, or any other kind, Texas is where you want to be if you want some tacos. We’ll let y’all battle it out over where the BEST ones are, but there’s no shortage of ‘em here.

Snacks! Fritos & Snickers. Did you know that Fritos were invented here? Yessiree! Elmer Doolin, a confectioner from San Antonio, first fried up a batch back in 1932 and has been giving us piles of crispity goodness on which we can put our chili (no beans, please, that’s for those Yankee types) ever since. And the Snickers bar might not have been invented here, but almost all Snickers made in the U.S. are made at Mars’ plant over in Waco. It’s true!

Thirst Quenchers. We make some goooooood drinks here in Texas. From Dr. Pepper—yep, we invented that—to Shiner Bock (and countless brands of the best craft beer you’ll ever find) and truly spirited spirits like Tito’s vodka (made in Austin and hands-down better than anything you’ll find in Russia or Poland) or Deep Eddy’s Ruby Red Grapefruit vodka. Texas will wet your whistle, no matter what you’re thirsty for.

Lots of folks had rhapsodic thoughts about things that aren’t really manufactured in Texas, but they are (or were) surely made here.

For example, Lyle Lovett (and most of his large band). Jordan Speith, who’s been taking the golf world by storm of late. Willie Nelson, who invites you to, yes, “Have a WILLIE nice day.” George Strait, Farrah Fawcett, Steve Martin, and Beyonce (and her impressive, umm, assets).

You love bluebonnets, and Friday night lights, jackalopes, sweet tea, rodeos, and belt buckles bigger than the plains of your imagination.

But the things that grabbed our attention most weren’t the things that are made here, but the feelings and memories that are. James Earl Jones once said, in Field of Dreams, “It’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick they’ll have to brush them away from their faces.” And that’s how Texas makes people feel.

“I remember being so in love with Texas. It’s where I learned to two-step. I’m horrible at it, but I learned in a smoky dive outside of Waxahachie and it’s one of my favorite memories. I remember endless fields of blue flowers; I’d never seen anything so beautiful. Oh, and miles and miles of endless flat roads. The first time I ever drove a car was in Texas. The palpable state pride is worth mentioning. Palpable isn’t even a good enough word. It’s chewable. You get it stuck in your teeth. You can’t help but want to be part of the club. Part of the fun, share in the pride. Succumb to Stockholm syndrome. I love Texas.” — An anonymous Texas-lover.

Texas. It’s good like that. And we love it every bit as much as you. Come visit, y’all.