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How to Interview a Realtor

Preparing to buy or sell a home can be stressful. Finding a Realtor that suits you and your situation is important.  When interviewing potential Realtors it may be helpful to keep the following points in mind.

Savvy Negotiator

An agent who quickly gives away their commission when a seller requests it, is likely to quickly give away your profits when negotiating for you. No one works harder for your money than you. Your agent needs to be the next hardest working person on your side. Keep in mind negotiations don’t happen just over sales price. There are often negotiations needed for repairs, concessions at closing and even personal belongings and furnishings.


You want an agent that is armed with many marketing arsenals. Real estate is a numbers game. The more eyes that see and know about your property, the more likely you will find a buyer. Ask during the interview process how your agent plans to market your property. Simply listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and putting a sign in the yard is not a marketing plan.

Competent in Their Field

If you are seeking help to sell raw land or a large parcel of acreage, has your Realtor educated themselves on those topics? Do they have a track record in that field? Past performance is a great indicator of future results. Think of any niche market agents for your property and how they compare to others.

Has a Professional Photography Portfolio

You want an agent that uses a professional photographer. 94% of buyers shop online. Your listing photography has to sparkle. You need a professional to make sure your property makes the right first impression the moment it hits the market.

Available and Responsive

Are your potential agents available when you or another agent needs them? How timely do they return emails, phone calls or texts? Real estate is a fast paced market and deals can be lost due to waiting. You want an agent that can there for you when it counts.


Do they show up to meetings on time? Your time is money and how a realtor uses their time can be the difference in losing or closing a deal. If they’re not considerate of your time, they won’t be considerate of your money either.

Brand vs. Independent

There are pros and cons of big and small companies. When interviewing for realtors don’t shop the company, shop the realtor or person you’ll be working with. When buying or selling a property you want the best service, not necessarily the biggest name.


Your agent will know almost as much personal information as your loan officer will. You’ll be working closely over a period time and you want someone who you’ll be comfortable with sharing personal financial details with.


You need to like your agent. Your closing is how they earn their paycheck.  If you don’t like your realtor, chances are you whole deal will seem sour even under the best circumstances. During the average lifetime, a person lives in several properties. You need someone that you like so that you can foster a long-lasting relationship and be able to send referrals to as well.

A few more things to ponder before diving into a relationship with a realtor.

Highest List Price

Realtors are bound to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics requires to realtors uphold such duties to their clients as being honest and never misleading the owner as to market value. You can list your home for any value you choose. If you want to sell your home, you need the real market value not an over inflated or under valued price.

Markets Incorrectly

You need a realtor that shows the homes true charm and characteristics. Some photography tricks can make rooms appear larger than they are. Marketing photos that do not show the true picture can be a waste of your time and potential buyers’ time, too.

Poor Communication Skills

Maybe you just get a bad vibe from an agent. Many you think you won’t be able to effectively communicate during the real estate process. You will spend a great deal of time conversing with this person. You must feel they are right for the job.