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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

In order to ensure your home remains in tip top shape, your home needs a little TLC at various times throughout the year. There are certain tasks that you will want to tackle in the summer months versus the winter months. Take a peek at our list of Fall Home Maintenance items to conquer during the next few months.

Service your HVAC

After months of keeping up with blistering summer temperatures, it is time to check on your HVAC system’s ability to heat your home.  Turn your system to the heat mode and check each vent by feeling for warm air.  This is also a good time to vacuum and clean each vent and filter cover to remove any dust or build-up along with changing your air filter.  If two or more years have passed since your last service by a licensed heating contractor, now is a good time to schedule a service call. Heating and cooling units that are properly serviced are more efficient, last longer and have fewer repairs over the life of the unit.

Have your Roof Inspected

With the spring rainy season behind us, it is now time to have a roof checkup. Tree branches touching the roof line and heavy rains cause granule loss over time or nails heads that are no longer sporting caulk allow water to penetrate inside the home. Most roofing companies will swing by to inspect the roof at no cost. Beware and steer clear of companies that will want to charge you for an inspection. It is advised to also have the roofing professional gain access to the attic to also inspect the roof decking underneath the roof. This additional layer of inspection will indicate any recent or prior signs of roofing issues.

Clean Chimney and Fireplace

Have the chimney swept and soot build up removed, any cracks sealed and the fireplace cleaned in preparation for usage during winter.

Test your Detectors

Once a year at the minimum or twice a year if you have small children or someone elderly living in your home, you should have the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors checked to ensure they are fully operational. It is wise to replace the batteries in each detector at the time of inspection. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a 2 am wake up call due to a chirping detector in need of a fresh battery.

Inspect your Deck

Analyze your deck for any signs of rotting. Hammer any nails that are trying to wiggle themselves free. Investigate if it is time to re-seal the deck. Spray water on the deck, if the water beads your deck is in good shape but if the water soaks right in it’s time for a fresh coat of sealer. Before resealing a deck, but sure to sand down any rough portions to prevent an even coat and to be sure those who trek across the deck barefoot do not get a splinter in a toe.

Clean the Gutters

Take advantage of dry weather to clear debris from your gutters. Once cleaned insert a water hose into the gutter aiming the hose for the down spout to ensure all debris has been removed. After being cleaned, investigate the possibilities of installing gutter covers to help with future maintenance. If you do not have gutters, this might be a good time to check into having them installed but be sure that downspouts flow away from the foundation. Too much water near the foundation is never good.

Reverse the Direction of Ceiling Fans

Reverse the direction of the ceiling fans to direct warm air downward

Clean Dryer Vents

Remove debris and lint from dryer vent to prevent a house fire.

Prep the Outdoors for Winter

Trim any dead tree branches to prevent them from falling onto your house or car when frozen.  Disconnect all garden hoses from hoses from outdoor facets and secure insulated hose bibs to faucets.  Inspect any exterior pipes that run on exterior walls for proper insulation