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Does Size Matter? Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

Does size matter?

Now, don’t go thinking our minds are in the gutter over here. This is a family show.

There are things where size might matter. If you’re using a battering ram, for example. Then, yes, size matters. If you’re looking to finesse something, like the tiny screws on your glasses, then yes, size matters. When it comes to overall awesomeness, like in the case of the great State of Texas, then HECK YEAH, size matters (we do things big here).

But when it comes to the size of your real estate company, does size matter? We say NO.

Across the country, there are lots of big real estate companies. Big real estate companies with big, national reputations. Big. Sure, they have logos you probably recognize and, sure, they’ve been around a long time (and did you know most of those companies are all owned by one really, REALLY big company, so it’s really all the same company?) But what does their bigness and national reputation have to do with where YOU live (whether that’s Texas or anywhere else)?

Lemme tell you what: NOTHING. It has nothing to do with anything except brand recognition.

Size doesn’t matter. What matters and what makes all the difference is what you do with what you have.

All things being equal, whether your goal is to sell your home or to buy one, the only thing that really matters is having someone working for you that knows your neighborhood like the back of their hand. That’s it.

Whether an agent works for a big company, for a small company, or on his own, what matters is the agent and their expertise. What matters is how they do business, how they’ll market your home, how fiercely they’ll advocate for you; what matters is how they treat you.

When you’re trying to decide who to work with—and this applies whether you’re buying a home, selling a home, or both—there are some things you should ask yourself, and none of them has to do with the size of the brokerage they work for.

  1. How well do they know the area?
  2. What kind of marketing will they use?
  3. How well do they listen?
  4. How much experience do they have?
  5. How will they get the job done for you (and better than anyone else)?

Urban Provision REALTORS has 10 agents, each of whom is an expert in their local market. Each of our agents is armed with the best of the best in tech, marketing tools so rock solid that your mind will be blown—BLOWN!, not to mention a wealth of experience that no other brokerage in Texas can beat.

When it comes to real estate agents, there are lots of things that matter. Size isn’t one of them.