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Bronko Box

The stress of moving can be overwhelming to even the most organized and mindful persons, luckily there is now a company that offers a truly unique product that helps to relieve some of the stress and expense related to moving: Bronko Box.

Bronko Box isn’t a moving company – they’re in the business of boxes. Clients can rent boxes for any size home – from a 1 bedroom studio apartment to a large, single family home, and even offices needing to move locations – they have exactly what you need to get your property packed up in the most efficient and economical manner. Bronko Box delivers tough, sturdy boxes with handles and interlocking lids in a wide range of sizes. For their large and extra large boxes, dollies are included to help move your belongings with even more ease.

bronko boxesDuring their last move, owners Brooke and Bo Cox realized there had to be a better way when packing up for their own move. Purchasing boxes at box store is just plain expensive. The other option is making rounds at your local liquor stores, grocery chains or asking friends and family if they have any leftover boxes. Once you have enough cardboard boxes you’re trusting your family heirlooms, expensive decorations and everyday belongings to be protected and transported into receptacles made of nothing but layers of paper. Bronko Box is the answer to everything that’s wrong with using flimsy, musty smelling cardboard boxes that don’t offer protection and stability for your belongings. To start with – there’s no searching for used boxes in dumpsters or outside the local appliance stores. If you happen to locate enough boxes without having to go to a moving store or box truck rental business, you’ve got to strategically pack your belongs in random shaped boxes designed for carrying cans of greenbeans, not your Grandmother’s crystal. By purchasing boxes from a retailer you’re left with an empty wallet and a block of time dedicated to box assembly with masking tape and tabs that tear. Moving preparation for Bronko Box customers is done with a single phone call. Bronko Box delivers directly to you the number of boxes typically used in a space of your size. The Bronko Boxes are dropped off at the address of your choosing and ready to packed and loaded.

If you’re using movers to pack and move – you’ve just gained some new friends. Bronko Boxes have handles, reusable labels and an interlocking lid for each box. Now you or your movers can actually pack and move. No looking around for the masking tape or trying to locate the marker you need to write the label on the box – Bronko Boxes come with removable labels for your contents.

Bronko Boxes are designed and made for transport and stacking. You’ll be able to fit more of your belongings into your vehicles for moving. Movers are always happy to see that your choice of moving supplies has made their job easier, your contents are better protected, and no wasted space from odd sized boxes.

On average, a client using Bronko Box saves 50% when compared to purchasing boxes from a box store. After a move with traditional boxes you’re left with a garage full of cardboard that still needs to be broken down and hauled away, or your old boxes sit around taking up space until a friend/relative needs them. When you’re a Bronko Box customer you’re Bronko Boxes are picked up at your new address on a predetermined date. Some past clients have been so thrilled with the capacity and design of their Bronko Boxes, they’ve actually purchased them for permanent use and storage. Bronko Boxes are also produce less waste, the average Bronko Box can be reused up to 500 times before being melted down into a new box.

If you have a move coming up you owe it to yourself to check out Bronko Box and see for yourself how pleasant moving can be. For more information check out Bronko Box’s website.